Marianne Bailey
Principal Director, Office of the Deputy Chief Information Officer for Cybersecuity, Department of Defense
Diana Banks
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Education and Training, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness), Department of Defense
Chris Barnett
Chief Technology Officer, General Dynamics Information Technology
Kenneth Bible
Director, Command, Control, Communications and Computer (C4) Division and Chief Information Officer, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps
CAPT Dave Bondura (USN, Ret.)
Senior Professional Staff Member, Cyber Operations Branch, Applied Physics Lab, Johns Hopkins University
Col William "Data" Bryant
Deputy Director, Task Force Cyber Secure, U.S. Air Force
Evan Burfield
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, 1776
Shawn Carroll
Chief Technology Officer, CenturyLink
Terry Clower
Northern Virginia Chair and Professor of Public Policy, Director, Center for Regional Analysis, Scar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University
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Jeffrey Coburn
Unit Chief, Major Cyber Crimes, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice
Matt Conner
Deputy Information Security Officer and Deputy Director, Cybersecurity Office, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Soraya Correa
Chief Procurement Officer, Department of Homeland Security
Frank DiGiovanni
Director, Force Training, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness)​, Department of Defense
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Peter Dinsmore
Risk Technology Executive, Defense Information Systems Agency
Curtis Dukes
Director, Information Assurance Directorate, National Security Agency
Tim Finin
Professor, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Derek Gabbard
President, FourV Systems LLC
Adrian Gardner
Chief Information Officer, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security
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Dr. Steve Gottwals
Technical Director, Security Solutions, Adobe
Bob Gregg
Chief Executive Officer, ID Experts
Janice Haith
Director, Department of Navy/Deputy Chief Information Officer, U.S. Navy
RADM Janice Hamby (USN, Ret.)
Chancellor, iCollege, National Defense University
Jason Hess
Chief, Cloud Security, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Brig Gen Patrick C. Higby
Director of Cyberspace Strategy and Policy, Office of Information Dominance and Chief Information Officer, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force
Lance Hoffman
Co-Director, Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute, The George Washington University

Dr. Corby Hovis
Program Director, National Science Foundation

Gus Hunt
Federal Cybersecurity Practice Lead, Accenture

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Shaun Khalfan
Chief Information Security Officer, Customs and Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security
Peter Kim
Senior Information Security Officer, Director, Task Force Cyber Secure, and Deputy Director, Cyberspace Operations and Warfighting Integration
U.S. Air Force
Frank Konieczny
Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Air Force
Brett Leatherman
Assistant Section Chief, Cyber, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice

Richard Ledgett
Deputy Director, National Security Agency

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Steve Lefrancois
Chief Technology Officer, Public Sector, Verizon
Julie Lenzer
Director, Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Economic Development Administration,
Department of Commerce
Dr. Ray Letteer
Chief, Cybersecurity Division of the Command, Control, Communications, and Computer (C4) Department, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps
COL Brian Lyttle
Deputy Director, Infrastructure Development, Defense Information Systems Agency

Scott Maucione
Reporter, Federal News Radio
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Doug Maughan
Division Director, Cyber Security Division, Science and Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland Security
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Mike Meglino
Cybersecurity Portfolio Manager, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Aubrey Merchant-Dest
Federal Chief Technology Officer, Blue Coat Systems
David M. Mihelcic
Chief Technology Officer, Defense Information Systems Agency
Charles Nelson
Deputy Director for Outreach, U.S. Cyber Command Capabilities Development Group
RADM Nancy Norton
Director, Warfare Integration, Information Warfare/Deputy Director, Navy Cybersecurity, U.S. Navy
Mark Pomerleau
Reporter, C4ISRNET
Ron Pontius
Deputy to the Commanding General, Cyber Command and Second Army
U.S. Army
RDML Gene F. Price
Deputy Commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. 10th Fleet, U.S. Navy
Francis Rose
Host, Government Matters on ABC 7 and News Channel 8
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Robert Roy
Chief Technology Officer, Public Sector, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Trevor Rudolph
Chief, Cyber and National Security Unit
Office of Management and Budget
Lewis Shepherd
Private Consultant on Advanced Technologies and Strategic Innovation

Michael Singer
Senior Director, Department of Defense and Intelligence, Citrix Systems
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Sean Singleton
Director of Engagement, Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx)
Matthew Stern
Vice President, Business Development & Cybersecurity, Intelligent Waves LLC
Russell Stern
Chief Executive Officer, Solarflare Communications
Renee Tarun
Deputy Director, Cyber Task Force, National Security Agency
Col Nevin Taylor
Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Special Programs, Office of the Information Dominance and Chief Information Officer, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force
Tom Temin
Co-Host, Federal News Radio
Brig Gen Gregory Touhill (USAF, Ret.)
Federal Chief Information Security Officer, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President
Maj Gen Robert "Wheels" Wheeler (Ret.)
Senior Advisor, Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx)
Major General Burke "Ed" Wilson
Commander, 24th Air Force and Commander, Air Force Cyber, U.S. Air Force
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Joanne Woytek
Program Manager, and Contract Technical Representative, SEWP Program, NASA
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Morgan Wright
Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government
Dr. William Yasnoff
Managing Partner, National Health Information Infrastructure Advisors, and Adjunct Professor, Health Sciences Informatics, Johns Hopkins University
Dendy Young
Managing Partner
McLean Capital, LLC
Neal Ziring
Technical Director, Information Assurance Directorate, National Security Agency