Diving into New Cyber Technologies

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Cyber entrepreneurs get the chance to bring their ideas to fruition. They present their ideas to the sharks in the tank — experts in cybersecurity who are successful in their own fields, from government, industry and the venture capital community. The contestants try to convince the sharks to choose their cyber technology over the other presentations. Interested companies will be provided information on how to give a “Shark Tank” style pitch with specific details to enable them to have the best opportunity to be the one company selected in each session. Early start-ups, as well as large federal system integrators, are eligible to sign up to present their latest and greatest technologies. The winner of each session, two in total, will be able to present their company pitches to the entire Summit audience before the Luncheon Keynote.

Cyber Shark Tank Judges

  • Derek Gabbard, President, FourV Systems LLC
  • Julie Lenzer, Director, Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Economic Development Administration, Department of Commerce
  • David Mihelcic, Chief Technology Officer, Defense Information Systems Agency, Department of Defense
  • Matthew Stern, Vice President, Business Development & Cybersecurity, Intelligent Waves LLC
  • Dendy Young, Managing Partner, McLean Capital, LLC
  • Neal Ziring, Technical Director, Information Assurance Directorate, National Security Agency

Past Participants

Rules of Engagement

Three minutes to “pitch” your idea or company to the Cyber Shark Tank Judges.  Judges will have three minutes to provide feedback.  A total of six minutes will be allowed.
NOTE:  The three minutes is a “hard stop” for presenters and judges in order to keep the time equal for all participants.  No handouts or slides during presentation allowed due to time constraint.
Pitch should include:
  • Business idea and company status (i.e., idea stage, early start up, 7 years in business, etc.) at the minimum (focus on who, what, where, when, and why).
Will provide feedback on:
  • Technology: Do you clearly differentiate yourselves
  • Marketplace: Is it crowded or greenfield
  • Funding opportunities and options: Do you need money to grow?
Entrepreneurs will leave with:
  • Feedback on idea or company
  • Follow-up opportunities (with integrators, technology review, funding discussions, etc.)
Judges will select a winner from each Shark Tank session, two total. The winners will be given three minutes to make remarks on stage prior to the Luncheon Keynote, in front of the 700+ summit attendees.