GITEC Summit Silent Auction Benefiting VetSports

GITEC is excited to host a silent auction at the recception Monday, April 3 at Pusser's Caribbean Grille. All proceed's from the auction go directly to supporting veterans reintegrating back into communities. Check back for details on each item!
VetSports will also have an exhibit table at the GITEC Summit. Stop by to learn how you can support their mission.

About VetSports

The mission of VETSports is to help veterans achieve better physical, mental, and emotional health through sports, physical activity, and community involvement. Our organization encourages all veterans to participate in physical activity and engage with their community as a member of local sports team. We know the benefits of sports and how participating in team activities can lead to not only a faster recovery, but also a sense of purpose and fulfillment to our lives. VETSports is committed to run an organization built upon the values, teamwork, and the warrior ethos that have been instilled in us since basic training.
The 5 Key Tenets of the VETSports Network:

Teamwork – No single individual, nation, army, team, or organization can succeed alone. Everyone on the team is important. There are no qualifying heats, bench warmers, or second string players. While we strive for excellence in our chosen sport, we can only achieve that excellence through teamwork.

Loyalty – The key to winning a battle isn’t the size of your offensive team; it is the size of the entire teams trust in each other that leads them to victory. VETSports is committed to creating an unbeatable organization built upon a foundation of loyalty and trust.

Perseverance – The will to fight and overcome the most significant life changing events can be difficult, making us lose sight of our overarching mission. Perseverance is the essential weapon needed to overcome the new daily challenges that face us as we return to contributing members of our local community.

Courage – Trama, injuries, and new disabilities are just part of the stress that comes from returning to a life in your local community. But by being a part of a larger team, you can recall all have battles you have already won, all the hardships you have already overcome, and all the resources you still have inside of you that will help you build your new fighting position.

Resiliency – It is a fact that new and difficult challenges will arise in our daily lives. Resiliency is critical in order to overcome the new obstacles that come along with them. The key to meeting each new day head-on is to keep your head up and to keep moving forward, like the flag on our right shoulder, which always points toward the objective.