2020 InnovateIT Awards

Traditionally, the federal IT community has viewed leadership and innovation as two separate categories, especially when it comes to the community’s various awards programs. The InnovateIT Awards program bridges that divide, recognizing innovation and leadership that has sustained excellence across the three primary focus areas of the President’s Management Agenda:

1) Mission: Recognizes an individual or a team that used technology to drive mission value or adopted innovative techniques to combat security threats to solve a mission challenge. 

2) Service: Recognizes an individual or a team that has implemented innovative, government-wide approaches to deliver better, more efficient services to citizens, partner agencies, or employees. 

3) Stewardship: Recognizes an individual or a team that has improved the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of agency programs and operations to exercise effective responsibility over taxpayer dollar.

     Two awards will be given in each category—one to a senior government leader and one to an emerging government leader.
           Please note: As defined by AFCEA International, an emerging leader is defined as a government employee who is either new to the field with up to                   five years of experience, or is 35 year of age or younger. 

Additionally, the program will recognize the Government Innovator of the Year and the Industry Innovator of the Year -- two individuals who have exemplified outstanding management to drive forward innovative initiatives that advance the mission of their organizations or the state of federal IT. The nominations should be related to a specific innovative initiative or group of initiatives.

Award submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


How innovative was the initiative in its use of people, processes and/or technologies?

In what way did the initiative address a pressing challenge or advance a key program?
To what extent could the innovative approach be adopted/adapted by other organizations?