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Digital Transformation and Interoperability to Improve Customer Experience

Agency leaders recognize they need to improve citizen services and operate more efficiently in an increasingly digital world. As agencies move away from outdated, legacy systems, agencies will have to apply the latest business transformation practices and technology for modernization initiatives to be successful. Seeking agility, improved performance, reduced costs and real-time visibility, organizations are migrating their workloads to various types of cloud solutions. However, digital transformation involves more than just moving applications, systems and workloads to a secure, modern technology platform. IT touches nearly every part of the enterprise. Integration between existing and new systems is crucial for an enhanced and uninterrupted user experience.

Meanwhile, advanced technologies are transforming how agencies operate in the 21st century. Consequently, agencies need to employ emerging technologies like process automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. Business systems must incorporate predictive capabilities and embedded intelligence so analysts can make decisions faster and more easily. Moreover, modernized systems require intuitive user interfaces so that business functions can be executed at the desktop or on mobile devices. Doing so will improve the digital user experience for government workers and citizens, enabling them to access information from anywhere, anytime and any device. 

Join us on May 28th as leading government and industry modernization experts discuss digital transformation challenges, lessons learned, and the technology needed for a successful transition.

Throughout the year, we will be looking at technology, policy and workforce strategies for transforming agency operations. The final segment of our three-part series is focused on mondernization. This event is the second breakfast in the modernization series. The previous series looked at cybersecurity and automation.