Challenge Workshop: AI in LEAPS: Developing Best Practices to Accelerate Agility and Mission Impact
Date & Time
Thursday, July 30, 2020, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


Of all the technologies being fielded in LEAPS in recent years, artificial intelligence is among the most anticipated. AI’s solutions, based on machine “intelligence,” cause both excitement and worry. The ability to analyze images, identify biometrics, and conduct predictive analytics is tremendous – data is analyzed and mapped from drones and robots – can bring scientific breakthroughs or humanitarian dilemmas. The dark side of possibilities have caused some law enforcement departments to ban facial recognition software, an AI application when racial bias was discovered in algorithms. At the Department of Defense, CIO Dana Deasy has called AI the DoD’s top modernization priority – with a 15-month authorized review that led to the adoption of five ethical principles to govern the burgeoning technology.

This session will look at uses for AI and machine learning in law enforcement and public safety, and how AI can be implemented ethically. Our panelists will discuss lessons learned from AI’s introduction in LEAPS, best practices in cross-agency collaboration and next steps for broader, successful AI implementation. The panel discussion will be followed by moderated Q&A, with questions submitted from the audience.


  1. To learn about the possible use cases and risks of AI in LEAPS
  2. To hear key takeaways from implementing AI 
  3. To consider guiding principles for the ethical use of AI


  • Robert Brown, Chief Technology Officer, USCIS

  • Jason Henry, LEISI Unit Chief, ICE/HSI, DHS

  • Capt. Michael Kanaan, Director of Operations / MIT Artificial Intelligence Accelerator, U.S. Air Force

  • Krista Kinnard, Director, Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence, TTS, GSA

  • Moderator: Chuck Howell, Chief Scientist for Dependable Artificial Intelligence,The MITRE Corporation